Order confirmation
You’ll receive immediate confirmation for your order while you’re still at canadagoosenow.com. You’ll also receive an order confirmation email at the email address you provide. Print and save both for your records, as they include an order number that you can use to check the status of your order on the My Order page

How do I accept or decline shipping dates for pre-order merchandise?

By email:
When you email us at [email protected], we will attempt to respond within 24 hours.

Please note: Under Federal Trade Commission rules, in some cases, orders for pre-order merchandise must be canceled automatically if a response is not received by the contact date set on your notification.

You will only be charged for the merchandise once it ships and will not be charged for any cancellation.

How can I make changes to my order?
Order change timeframe
In order to get your orders to you as quickly as possible, we have a limited window to change or cancel orders.

Online shipped orders: 30 minutes to change your order
In-Store Pick Up: 15 minutes to change your order
Same-Day Delivery: 15 minutes to change your order
To make changes to your order, you must contact Customer Service during our business hours

If you are attempting to make changes to your order outside of our business hours, we recommend that you cancel your order and create a new one. For instructions on how to cancel your order, click here.

If you need a price adjustment or forgot to add a promo code, please contact us here. Please note that we offer price adjustments only within 14 days of your order being shipped.

*Because we may begin processing your canadagoosenow.com. order immediately, it may not be possible to modify existing orders even within 30 minutes of placement.

Why did I receive a credit card error when purchasing online?
We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced when entering your credit card information on our website.

When placing an online order using your credit card, please ensure that you do the following:

Select the correct card type from the drop-down on the “Payment & Billing” page.
Enter the account number as it appears on your card, without any spaces or dashes.
Enter all required fields on the order form, including telephone number and email address.
If this does not rectify the problem, please contact Customer Service during our business hours.

What if I received my order damaged?
We apologize for the inconvenience if an item arrived damaged or defective. Please contact us to provide additional information so that we can further assist you.